2016 was a big year for points and miles. There were some big sign-up bonuses, new credit card releases, and lots of free travel. In the process, I managed to earn over 400,000 points and miles from sign-up bonuses alone.

My main strategy for planning vacations is planning far in advance and always having a plan for my points and miles. A lot of the points I earned this year are going to vacations in 2017. So far I plan on going to Chile, New Orleans, Italy, and New York City (finally seeing Hamilton!). I have a few weekend trips for weddings and family visits planned as well. I’m excited to see what 2017 has in store, and I’m sure it will include lots of credit cards, sign-up bonuses, and free travel!

Here’s how I made out in 2016. Comment below with your earnings for 2016!

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