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Credit Cards

AmEx Fights Back Against Credit-Card Churners: This article isn’t very informative but it hints at the frozen Membership Rewards points from the leaked Platinum links.

Why Would You Pay $550 for a Credit Card?: That’s the million dollar question I’ve been asking myself since American Express announced changes to the Platinum card. For some reason, $450 for the Chase Sapphire Reserve sounds much more reasonable…

How Credit Card Payments Are Applied to Your Balance: Not sure what a balance transfer or a cash advance is? This article covers all the basics.

No Bonus for Wells Fargo’s Top Execs After Fake-accounts Scandal: Well, at least it’s something.


E.U. Lawmakers Call for End to Visa-Free Travel for Americans: Since citizens of Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Poland, and Romania cannot travel to the U.S. without a Visa, the E.U. thinks the same should be imposed on U.S. citizens visiting Europe.

Here’s Why Tuesday at 2:30 p.m. ET is the Perfect Time to Buy Airline Tickets: I swear there’s a reason behind this oddly specific time for buying airline tickets.


United Airlines is Not Your Doormat: After years of losing business to competitors, United Airlines is back with a vengeance a.k.a. 47 additional domestic roundtrip routes.


Marriott to Speed Up Expansion of Starwood Brands: In the past, Marriott has grown quickly while Starwood’s growth has been quite slow. Since merging, it’s time for Marriott to get Starwood brands like Aloft up to speed.

An Icon among the World’s Great Hotels, the Waldorf Sets 3-year Return to Glory: The Waldorf-Astoria closed for renovations on March 1st. A small portion of hotel rooms will be converted into condominiums.

To Court Millennials, Hotels Are Rolling Out the Yoga Mat: Love the idea, but when I’m on vacation I’m usually there for the food…

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