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Here’s How Banks Can Offer Credit Cards Like the Sapphire Reserve with Enormous Sign-Up Bonuses and Still Turn a Profit: So this is Chase’s master plan to turn a $200 million loss into a profit.

When the Fed Raises Rates, Credit Card Holders Feel It First: If you always pay in full, you’ll have nothing to worry about.

Australians Wave Goodbye to Lavish Credit Card Perks: Pray this never happens in the U.S.


How Delta Landed on the 100 Best Companies to Work For List: Apparently Delta’s a pretty sweet company to work for. If only they would be so generous with their award bookings.

Delta Fined $90,000 for Lack of Snacks During Tarmac Delays: Hangry passengers = big fines

American Airlines Flight Attendants Sue, Say They’ve Been Called Sows, Prostitutes and Worse on Facebook: Who knew male flight attendants could be such bullies?

Airline Passenger’s Headphones Catch Fire Midflight: “The cabin reeked of melted plastic and burned hair.” How unappealing.


Marriott Opens for Business at the Coachella Music Festival: Starwood and Marriott reward program members can bid points on these luxury tents at Coachella. I’d rather spend my Marriott points on a Companion Pass…

Hilton to Open Hotel Near Eiffel Tower: How many points will this set me back?

Marriott Unfazed by Trump Visa Ban: Forget the part about the travel ban, opening one hotel a day for the next year sounds absurd. Slow and steady, amirite?

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