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JetBlue Brings Culinary Empire Milk Bar to Its Mint Premium Experience: “Cookie flavors will vary by departure with options including Milk Bar’s Confetti Cookie, Cornflake Chocolate Chip Marshmallow and famous Compost® Cookie.” BRB, drooling…

American Airlines Is Challenging Delta by Bringing Back Free Meals: This is the main reason competition is good for the consumer.

Southwest Airlines Is Getting Rid of Its Paper Tickets: This will be a hard one to explain when traveling with my parents.


The Frequent Fliers Who Bombarded This must have been’s most successful sales day, well, ever.

Note: If this article won’t open on WSJ, got to Facebook, paste the link like you’re going to make a status, and click through from the article preview.

Airbnb and Marriott Are Turning to Sumo Wrestling and Violins in Battle for Guests: “Now, Marriott, the world’s largest hotel company, sees your burlesque class and nipple-tassel workshop and raises you a sumo-wrestling session.” I’m kind of digging this!

More Airlines Cut Service to Cuba: I guess Cuba’s not as up-and-coming as we thought…

Trump’s Laptop Travel Restriction Is a Confusing Mess: Trump’s everything is a confusing mess.

Credit Cards

Wells Fargo Card Requests Drop by Most Since Scandal Erupted: The number of new checking accounts were 43 percent lower in February so don’t feel bad if you jumped on this deal. We’re actually helping them!

American Express Lifts Chenault’s Pay 19% to $22 Million for ’16: The CEO’s salary is positively correlated with the amount of Amex cards I plan to open.

Credit Card Company Won’t Refund Membership Fee: What else do you expect from Shitibank?

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