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Credit Bureau Experian Fined $3 Million Over Misleading Credit Scores: You can get your credit score for free every time you apply for a new card…another way churning keeps on giving!

Getting Credit Card Fees Lowered Is a Lot Easier Than You’d Think: Baby-boomers have the best luck getting annual fees lowered or reduced while millennials have a harder time. Regardless of your age, it never hurts to ask!

Should You Give Your Kids Access to Your Credit Card?: Get your kids a credit card to start building that credit early–even if you just stick the authorized user card in a sock drawer.


What American Airlines’ $200 Million China Southern Deal Means for Both Carriers: This deal helps American compete with Delta and could make travel easier for Chinese tourists visiting the U.S.

American Airlines Pilot Dies on Flight Minutes Before Co-Pilot Landed in New Mexico: A great example of the importance of co-pilots.

Delta Comes For United Airlines With Sick ‘Leggings’ Burn On Twitter: “Flying Delta means comfort. (That means you can wear your leggings)”…ooooh burn!


Here’s Why Airlines Don’t Always Reveal the Full Truth About Flight Delays: I always assumed delays were plane-related but pilots may play more of a role than expected.

How Airlines Are Responding to America’s Laptop Ban: Points to Royal Jordanian Airlines for the most creative response.

Airlines Offer Workaround for US Laptop Ban: For those traveling in business class who are actually on business, this should be helpful. It’s a plus for churners on award flights, too.

The Best Time to Poop on a Plane, According to a Flight Attendant: The more you know…

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