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US May Add Airports to Electronics Ban: I’m still wondering if keeping electronics under the plane is actually safer…

Trump Faces Test as Boeing Announces Deal to Sell Jetliners to Iran: Trump’s got job creation on one hand and working with Iran on the other. What to do, what to do.

Man Carrying Cocaine Pretends to Be Delta Pilot at JFK Airport: This is kind of like that time my hair got patted down by security when I was flying home from Lollapalooza.

Credit Cards

Credit Cards Encourage Extra Spending as the Cash Habit Fades Away: Be mindful of your spending and you should be find. You can’t miss out on all those points and miles!

Note: If this article won’t open on WSJ, got to Facebook, paste the link like you’re going to make a status, and click through from the article preview.

Is the New 100,000-Point Marriott Credit Card Worth Applying For? If you’re under 5/24, I’d say yes!

Amex Platinum Boosts Sign-Up Bonus 50%: With a bonus 10,000 points higher than the Chase Sapphire Reserve, will Amex Platinum be able to lure new clients?


Airlines Make More Money Selling Miles Than Seats: Airline co-branded credit cards are a cash cow for the airlines since the credit card companies are buying billions of miles. I wonder what percentage of these are from sign-up bonuses vs. regular spending.

Delta and Alessi Partnership Makes In-Flight Cocktails Even Better: Millions of dollars on glassware? It better make in-flight cocktails better!

United Airlines Giving a ‘Sweet’ Freebie to Passengers This Month: That’s not what I think of when I hear sweet. I really thought it was going to be a cookie.

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