Credit Cards

31 Percent of Credit Card Holders Aren’t Redeeming Their Rewards: These all sound like excuses. Use your rewards, people!

Major Changes Coming to How Your Credit Score Is Calculated: “Abiding by the golden rule of ‘don’t close your credit card accounts’ may now hurt your standing.” Well, this certainly changes things…

Mastercard’s New Credit Card Has a Built-in Fingerprint Scanner: As long as no one steals your fingerprint, this is a pretty cool security feature.

Points and Miles

How the Recent Spate of Luxury Credit Cards Might Ruin Your Summer Travel Plans: Despite the click-bait title, it makes sense that the more points people have, the fewer award bookings will be available.

Amex, Challenged by Chase, Is Losing the Snob War: “For millennials, travel might mean taking an Uber to a hole-in-the-wall restaurant in Chinatown, and then riding the subway to karaoke, and then catching a taxi home.” Chase Sapphire Reserve just gets me, you know?

Amex Trying New Approach With Millennials: This article is in response to the above New York Times article. Sorry, Amex Platinum, I’m still a bigger CSR fan.


United Airlines Will Testify at House Hearing After Man Was Dragged From Plane: Who’s the lucky person that gets to testify?

American Airlines Pilots Are Complaining That Their Uniforms Are Making Them Sick: Cashmere uniforms for all!

Can Your Airline Credit Card Keep You From Getting Bumped? Having elite status with airlines is what really will help you from getting bumped. An airline credit card may or may not help you achieve this status.

How Different Airlines Board Their Passengers: If you fly different airlines, it can be hard to keep track of the boarding processes. Gotta get that overhead bin space!

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