Credit Cards

Is the Amex Platinum the Best Credit Card For Airline Tickets?: You’ll get the most points, but this card lacks the travel protection benefits of the Chase Sapphire Reserve.

Does Your Credit Card Make You Feel More Attractive? Wells Fargo Wants to Know: Now that I think about it, my new metal Amex Platinum does make me feel more attractive. Wells Fargo cards? Not so much.

The Latest American Status Symbol: Metal Credit Cards: See above.

US Bank Altitude Reserve Vs. Chase Sapphire Reserve Travel Credit Card: Which Is Right For You?: Since you need to be a US Bank customer to get the Altitude Reserve, the easy answer is Chase Sapphire Reserve.


United Airlines Passenger Was Violent in Removal, Police Report Says: The security officer was also violent during the removal. Two wrongs don’t make a right!

America’s Least Favorite Airline (Hint: It’s Not United): If you surveyed people in April, it probably would be United.

Arrivederci Alitalia? Alitalia Is Bankrupt Again. This Time Perhaps It’s Terminal: So about my flight to Rome at the end of June…


Putting the Front Desk in the Hotel Guest’s Pocket: I’m a fan of this as long as it doesn’t make my hotel stays too impersonal.

Recharge App Lets New Yorkers Snooze in Luxury Hotels for $3 per Minute: Using this would make me feel so lazy. Go home and take a nap!

The Battle Between Hotels and Airbnb Continues to Heat Up: Shots fired! You’re move, Hotels.

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