Credit Cards

Who Picks Up the Tab for Credit Card Rewards?: Households that pay with credit cards gain an average of $240 per year due to rewards. It’s good to know I’m performing above average!

Note: If this article won’t open on WSJ, got to Facebook, paste the link like you’re going to make a status, and click through from the article preview.

“Smart” Credit Cards May Be Over Before They Started: This is a cool idea but I could see it getting confusing when you have as many cards as I do.

Banks Take Just 90 Seconds to Approve a Credit Card. Here’s What They Look For: Apparently all you have to do to publish an article these days is troll Reddit. It’s an interesting read, nonetheless.

Airlines and Hotels

Airlines Made $4.2 Billion in Baggage Fees Alone Last Year. But Their Profits Still Plunged: Let’s hope this doesn’t lead to higher fees or more budget cuts.

American Airlines Is Cutting More Legroom in Economy Class: It’s like they want us to hate flying on domestic carriers!

New Destinations for SPG and Marriott Rewards Members: French Polynesia and Mauritius are on my shortlist.


Is it Possible to Use Rewards Points for Disney World or Disneyland?: An answer to the age-old question.

This Is Why American Tourists Don’t Want to Travel to Cuba: The more pics I see on Instagram, the less I want to go.

State Department Issues Travel Alert for All of Europe This Summer: I wouldn’t let this derail travel plans. Sign-up for the Smart Traveler Enrollment Program to register your trip with the nearest U.S. embassy or consulate.

Resentment of First-Class Passengers Can Be a Cause of Air Rage: Think of first-class as something to aspire to rather than reacting in a jealous rage.

Want more? Check out last week’s Miles and Points News Roundup.

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