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The U.S. Could Expand Its Electronics Ban To Europe: Just in time for summer travel!

A Hotel for Every Traveler, Sometimes Several Under One Roof: An explanation for why there are a zillion different types of Marriotts.

Cuba Is ‘Huge Opportunity’ for U.S. Travel Companies, BCG Says: Let’s just hope Havana doesn’t turn into Little Miami.

How to Choose Between a Backpack and a Suitcase for Travel: I’ve recently become a carry-on backpack kind of traveler (thanks, Tom Bihn!)


Airline Customer Satisfaction Is Actually Improving: Let’s see what this survey says after all the bad airline press this spring.

It’s Not All the Airlines’ Fault. Sometimes It’s The Ugly American Traveler: “We are definitely seeing a small number of passengers who appear to be manipulating the public outrage at airlines to try to get something, or to disobey crew member instructions.” Taking advantage of something good, just to ruin it for everyone else. That’s the American way…

Airport Chaos, Flights Canceled: Spirit Airlines Apologizes: Not a great week for U.S. travel, huh?

Credit Cards

Credit Card Growth Is Back to Its Prerecession High: 171 million consumers have at least one credit card which is an average of about 3 cards per person. We’re really helping drive up that average!

Is This Partnership Between Capital One and Spotify the Future of Credit-Card Rewards?: I certainly hope not.

100K Credit Card Points When You Get a Mortgage? Here’s a Look at Chase’s Latest Offer: If only I was in the market for a house (and didn’t have a zillion recent inquiries on my credit report!)


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