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Credit Cards and Banks

American Express Debuts Its First Amazon Alexa Skill: After accidentally buying Apples to Apples, I’d be scared to try this.

Spending On Credit Card Rewards Has More Than Doubled: It’s the Golden Age of credit card bonuses. Embrace it.


Airlines Make It Tougher to Find Frequent Flyer Seats: The amount of award bookings has dropped since last year. A good reminder not to hoard miles.

Alaska Airlines Will Start Passenger Flights from Everett’s Paine Field: Alaska Airlines is really making moves lately!

Delta to Roll Out Facial Recognition Technology at Airport Bag Check: This could be a disaster if someone can trick the machine and check a bag of something illegal under your name.

No Recourse to Sue Airlines Over Losses Due to a Delayed Flight: Being late for something important sucks, but you can’t sue the airline over it. If it’s that important, plan wayyy ahead instead.


You Can Get Hit With a $11,000 Fine If You Drink Your Own Alcohol on a Flight: You may think you’re being smart by bringing nips on a plane, but just don’t. Buy your drink like everyone else.

Final Obama Travel Tab: $100 Million: That’s a drop in the bucket compared to what Trump is spending.

It’s Going to Be the Busiest Memorial Day for Travel Since 2005: It’s gonna be a busy one. Buckle up!

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