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Credit Cards

Crime Confessions: How I Stole Your Credit Card: Insider information on how thieves can get a hold of your identify.

American Express Nabs Hilton Credit-Card Deal in Needed Win: Make sure to grab one of the Citi Hilton cards for the sign-up bonus before the end of the year.

Is Your Rewards Credit Card Worth It? How Much You Have to Spend on Travel and More to Break Even: This article breaks it down by card so you can decide what card is best for your spending habits.


As Americans Take on More Debt, Some Pockets of Concern: “Credit card debt has risen from $659 billion in 2014 to $746 billion last year.” This is what keeps churners in business.

Are Credit Card Rewards Driving Consumers To Rack Up More Debt?: If you’re in it for the rewards, then the answer better be no.

Google Plans to Track Credit Card Spending: Is there anything left for Google to track?


United Airlines Will Fly the Longest-Ever Route From the U.S.: This new route from LA to Singapore will take 18 hours! Hope you don’t get stuck in a middle seat.

Record-Breaking Summer Travel to Bring Crowds, Overbooking: Cheap flights = more travelers. Good thing United upped their overbooked flight compensation.

Delta Fights Back Against Woman Who Claims Airline Held Dog ‘Hostage’ at Guatemalan Airport:  “Earlier this year, the Department of Transportation determined Delta to be the second-worst airline when it came to animal deaths.” Yikes! I’m #teambunny in this debate.

JetBlue Is Going to Let Passengers Board with Just a Selfie: From someone who hates getting their picture taken, JetBlue, please don’t.

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