Arab Blockade Is Nightmare for Qatar Airways: “Qatar Airways serves 18 destinations in these four countries, accounting for approximately 18% of the airline’s total seating capacity.” When aviation news and global politics collide…

Hilton Co-Brand Could Lift Amex: Will the exclusive deal with Hilton help Amex rebound after losing Costco?

The Trump Organization’s New Budget Hotel Venture Is an Ethics Nightmare: Oy vey.

Luxury Hotels Arrive in Cuba Despite Fears Trump May Hurt Tourism Boom: Wouldn’t be surprised if Trump ruins another good thing.

Marriott CEO On Plans For Sheraton Hotels, SPG Members & Why 30 Brands Are Not Enough: In the wise words of Kenny Chesney, “one is one too many, one more is never enough…”

Credit Cards

Why Our Credit Cards Keep Getting Hacked: “Many retail companies are slow to install software patches, even for known security problems, because they fear the patches might disable their POS software or terminals, causing them to miss sales.” Not sure if a few missed sales is worth the millions of dollars they’ll spend after a data breach…

China Just Went Full-On Big Brother On Its Credit Card System: Chinese banks will have to report any overseas transaction over $147.

College Kids Waste $795 Million on Bank and Credit Card Fees: “Credit cards can be super convenient but you get one for emergencies, and then emergencies tend to be pizza on a Friday night.” Truth.


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