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You Can Now Get Frequent Flyer Miles for Your Pet at This Airline: U.S. airlines should take note…doggos can be frequent flyers, too!

How Much Are Frequent Flier Miles Really Worth?: I don’t even try to understand how many miles I’ll earn on flights anymore. I just low-ball it to avoid disappointment.

Italy’s Alitalia Files for Bankruptcy in U.S.: The airline could have lost their lease at JFK as soon as Tuesday had they not taken action. Who in the world is going to want to buy Alitalia?

Note: If this article won’t open on WSJ, got to Facebook, paste the link like you’re going to make a status, and click through from the article preview.

Delta’s First Airbus A350 Rolls Out of the Paint Shop: Delta is the first carrier in the U.S. to fly this type of jet.

United Apologizes After 2015 Video Shows Employee Pushing 71-year-old Passenger to Floor: United needs some MOAB training to use against themselves…


Why Hotel Giant Marriott Is on an Expansion Binge as It Fends Off Airbnb: “Airbnb and the OTAs [online travel agencies] are coming for our children…They are a direct mortal threat.” This guy is so dramatic!

Why Boutique Hotels Are So Big in Not-So-Big Cities: Boutique hotels may offer a more “genuine” experience, but I’ll take my points and elite benefits from a large brand like Marriott over that any day.


Rex Tillerson: Trump mulling travel ban to North Korea: This wouldn’t be the worst idea.

Travel Addiction Is Real: While technically an impulse-control disorder, dromomania is real and explains a large portion millennials’ Instagram posts.

UberBOAT Is the Best Thing to Happen to Summer Travel: Sounds expensive but pretty sweet. Check if out if you’re going to Croatia.

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