View from an airplane

Air Canada Frequent Flyer Program Part of Digitization Push, CEO Says: By using Aeroplan instead of their own frequent flyer program, Air Canada is missing out on the opportunity to use data analytics to learn more about how their frequent flyers shop and use their services.

Too Hot to Fly as American Airlines Cancels Nearly 50 Flights: Temperature forecasts of 120°F in Phoenix exceed the maximum operating temperature of 118°.

Delta Air Lines Begins Selling Business-Class Suites, Premium Select Seats: I’d like to try this out but flying from Detroit (DTW) to Narita (NRT) is not my preferred route.

United Airlines Employee Accused of Kicking Woman in the Head (While She Was Sleeping): Are more people reporting things since United’s slew of bad PR or has it always been this bad? Either way, get these employees some anger management training, stat!


Hyatt Threatens to Check Out of Expedia: As someone who hates Expedia, can’t say I blame them.

Airbnb’s Biggest Weapon Against Hotels: Machine Learning: As a travel marketplace of sorts, Airbnb has access to data on users that hotel chains simply can’t collect.

Attention, Marriott Customers: Your Cancellation Window Just Got Shorter: You now have to cancel 48 hours in advance to avoid penalty.

Credit Cards and Banks

What to Know About Medical Credit Cards Before Signing Up: This could help you with unexpected medical expenses or it could be asking for trouble. Either way, there’s no sign-up bonus so I’m out.

Capital One, Discover Win Honors for Best Mobile Financial Apps: And negative points to Amex if their app follows suit with their website updates.

Citibank, Dirty Once Again: Drug money, laundering, and suspicious transactions, oh my!

I’ll be in Italy for the next two weeks so the Miles and Points News Roundup is off next Friday. We’ll be back on July 7th!

In the meantime, check out last week’s Miles and Points News Roundup.

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