Man looking out of airplane window

See Inside Hilton’s New Low-Cost Hotel for Millennials: When companies misspell a word to make it sound hip, it usually doesn’t end up being very hip. However, millennials may like Tru if it’s as cheap as they say it will be.

Airline and Hotel Costs to Increase Worldwide Next Year, Study Says: On the bright side, if points/miles don’t get devalued, we can get a better value per point.

New Hotel Policies Mean a Late Cancellation Will Cost You: I generally never cancel a hotel after I book it but I can see how this change would be frustrating if you had to cancel a trip at the last minute.


United Airlines Profit Rises Despite Boycott Threats Over Passenger Treatment: People like to trash talk United but I didn’t really expect it to change their behavior much.

American Airlines Says ‘Passed Gas’ Did Not Cause Flight Evacuation: I knew this story was too good to be true!

Ann Coulter Free To Fly On Delta Airline Says: There are good ways to handle getting reimbursed for your seat change and then there’s the Ann Coulter method.


Sharing Economy Statistics That Will Surprise You: “Airbnb, Uber, and Lyft are collectively worth as much as the entire country of Morocco.” Yikes!

Visit Beautiful North Korea: Travel Companies That Capitalize On The Desire For Dangerous Travel: Danger travel? Count me out.

Justices Urged to Reject Trump Plea to Tighten Travel Ban: More on the travel ban sitch.

What Happens When the Emergency Exit Door Opens Mid-flight?: Apparently nothing because there’s too much pressure to even open the door.

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