JW Marriott, Venice

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As part of our Italy vacation on points and miles, we decided to spend two nights in Venice. Venice has lots of luxury hotels, so it was difficult to decide where to stay. I finally settled on the JW Marriott Venice. It was a better value than other hotels at 40,000 Marriott points per nights but I was somewhat skeptical about having to take a shuttle boat to and from the island whenever we wanted to experience Venice. This ended up being one of the main reasons I LOVED the JW Marriott Venice! It’s the perfect island getaway from the crowded, touristy areas of Venice. This resort and spa has everything you could want so you don’t even have to leave the island if you don’t feel like it. Here’s my review of the JW Marriott Venice Resort and Spa.

Since you will likely rely on the shuttle boat, I’d like to note that it was very easy to find. We also never had an issue with it being too crowded. The boat leaves St. Mark’s to return to the hotel every 30 minutes and the ride lasts about 20 to 25 minutes. Boat service to St. Mark’s begins at 8:30am and the last trip back is 12:30am. There are also six morning trips from the hotel to the train station every hour starting at 6:00am.

This dock allows you to access the lobby directly from the water. The shuttle boat docks before this entrance, and you instead access the lobby by land. I think this entrance is reserved for private boats and water taxis.

JW Marriott, Venice

This is the main entrance to the lobby on land. The main building houses the regular hotel rooms while several types of villas are located throughout the grounds.JW Marriott, Venice

The lobby has a clean, modern feel. I loved the design with plenty of white surfaces, mirrors, and turquoise accents. Check-in was very efficient and we were pleased that our room was ready when we arrived at 12:30pm.JW Marriott, Venice

The clean aesthetic of the lobby carried over into the guest rooms. The room was very large by European standards and was a nice change from the traditional decor of our boutique hotel in Florence.JW Marriott, Venice

The bed was comfortable. The whole room had a clean feel to it which was refreshing after sightseeing on a hot, sweaty day.JW Marriott, Venice

The espresso maker made a decent cup of coffee, and the staff were very quick to respond when we kept requesting more espresso pods.JW Marriott, Venice

This was literally the first time I saw Pepsi instead of Coke in all of Italy. I’m guessing Marriott has a deal with Pepsi?JW Marriott, Venice

The bathroom was a decent size with lots of counter space. I don’t care for bathtubs in hotels but it was okay because there was a full separate shower!JW Marriott, Venice

Any hotel with a separate shower stall gets major points in my book!JW Marriott, Venice

The toiletries from Aromatherapy Associates are standard in JW Marriott hotels. They’re good about giving you everything you could possibly need.

JW Marriott, Venice

Since the JW Marriott Venice is a resort, there are plenty of amenities. On the roof of the main building is the most beautiful infinity edge pool with views overlooking Venice. This pool is for adults only but there is a separate kid friendly pool on the grounds.

JW Marriott, Venice

This pool was so refreshing. I wish we’d book an extra day just to enjoy it.JW Marriott, Venice

This outdoor seating is for the Sagra Poolside Bar. It’s the sister bar to the Sagra restaurant which is located on the roof, but inside. We unfortunately didn’t get a chance to try either. There’s another restaurant in the lobby of the main building where you can purchase breakfast.

JW Marriott, Venice

This is a view of the main building where most of the guest rooms are located.

JW Marriott, Venice

The JW Marriott Venice is located on Isola Delle Rose. It’s had many uses over the years, but as of 2015, is a private island for the resort. And let me say, the island is beautiful.

JW Marriott, Venice

What other hotel have you been to that has it’s own olive grove???

JW Marriott, Venice

Dopolavoro is the JW Marriott Venice’s fine dining restaurant with one Michelin star. We didn’t get to eat here either but the menu looks delicious.

JW Marriott, Venice

There’s also a beautiful church located on the island. They were setting up for a wedding when we arrived. What a perfect place for a destination wedding!

JW Marriott, Venice

The fitness facilities had a warehouse type vibe with exposed beams and brick. I didn’t work out but I just love the design of it.

JW Marriott, Venice

The GOCO Spa is yet another amenity we didn’t have a chance to try, but just looking at the spa’s private pool made me feel relaxed. The facilities at the JW Marriott Venice are truly first class.

JW Marriott, Venice

Final Thoughts

If you can’t tell from my review, our stay at the JW Marriott was fantastic. I regret not getting to stay longer to try the restaurants and spa. While two days is enough for sightseeing in Venice, I’d recommend booking a longer stay so you can fully experience all the JW Marriott Venice has to offer. This is one resort I’d come back to in a heartbeat!

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3 thoughts on “Hotel Review: JW Marriott Venice ”

  1. I’ve really enjoyed your blog! We’re looking at 7 nights in Venice in November via Marriott Flight Package. I’m torn between the Venice JW (category 8) vs. Marriott Autograph Marriott (Category 9). I’m Marriott Platinum so I’m leaning toward the Autograph for the complimentary breakfast and upgrade odds. I had a couple questions about your Venice trip. Thanks in advance for any advice.

    I’m curious if you considered the Autograph and why you decided on the JW?
    Did you get hit with a resort fee even though you were staying on points?
    What were your favorite activities in Venice?

    1. Thanks so much for the comment! I was debating between the JW Marriott and Boscolo Venezia (Autograph Collection). I initially was leaning toward Boscolo for free breakfast and I thought taking the shuttle boat from the JW Marriott would annoying. I ultimately chose the JW Marriott from other people’s reviews. I think it’s the perfect place for to spend a week in Venice because it’s a resort. They have two pools, an awesome gym and spa, and some great onsite restaurants. However, since you’ll be visiting in November, you probably won’t be using the pool. I can’t comment on the Boscolo but it looks beautiful from the pictures online. Though, if your taste is modern, JW Marriott may be more you style.

      We had to pay 10 euro a night, but I think it was for city taxes rather than a resort fee.

      I really enjoyed walking around the less crowded areas of Venice like Dorsoduro and having a Spritz at a nice outdoor cafe. Also, it’s very cliche but I found the overpriced gondola ride to be quite enjoyable! You can read more about my full itinerary here: http://creditcardpediem.com/2017/08/20/italy-part-4-48-hours-venice/

      Hope that answers your questions!

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