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This is the last post in my Italy series where we spent 11 days in Italy for less than $150 per person, all thanks to points and miles! You can read more about our time in Rome, Florence, Tuscany, Venice, and Milan. After a night in Milan, we headed to Milan Linate airport to fly back to Boston. We stopped at the Club S.E.A. Sala Leonardo lounge before our flight, which is part of the Priority Pass lounge network. Here’s my review of the Club S.E.A. Sala Leonardo Lounge at Milan Linate Airport.

The lounge is located airside in the main terminal . It’s open daily from 6:00am to 9:30pm (9:00pm on Sunday).

The lounge was a decent size with plenty of seating and natural light (as you can see from the overexposed photos!). We had our pick of seats since there were only three or four other people in the lounge.

As you can see, the lounge wasn’t crowded. The furniture was a tad outdated but the lounge was clean and well-maintained overall.

Even more seats! It was refreshing to visit a lounge without a crowd for once. 

We ultimately settled on this couch. You could tell it has been in the lounge for a while since the leather was a bit worn. Still, it was nice to see a variety of seating options. 

Okay, enough of the seating. The lounge also had a food area with bar seating. Everything was self-serve, including the alcohol.  

There was a coffee machine and selection of sodas, juices, and water.

I always love when the lounge has more than just snack food. There was plenty at this buffet to consider it lunch. As with most lounges, it was not the tastiest food, but it did the job. There were three types of sandwiches, mini salads, and some desserts.

In addition to the cold selections, there were meatballs in sauce and eggplant pies. Both were pretty good! I have no idea what that white liquid to the left of the meatballs is…

This is the bar aka my parent’s liquor cabinet. It mainly consisted of partially used bottles of liqueur. It was only noon so I avoided this shelf. Also, some of the bottles looked old AF. I unfortunately didn’t get a good look at the wine or beer selection.

Last but not least, the bathroom. The bathroom had gender-specific stalls off of the shared sink area. There was a string hanging in the stall that I thought was the flush. I pulled it with gusto and an alarm started ringing. The lounge staff ran in and I informed them of my mistake. Embarrassing, but at least there were only like two other people in the lounge to witness my mistake…

Final Thoughts

The Club S.E.A Sala Leonardo at Milan Linate isn’t the fanciest lounge, but I thought it was pretty solid. There was a good selection of food and beverages and plenty of room to spread out. With so many people getting lounge access these days, I tend to hold having more space in higher regard than lots of amenities. All in all, the Sala Leonardo at Linate airport is a nice place to relax before a flight. Just don’t pull the string in the bathroom!

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