Star Alliance

I started checking out flights from Boston to Peru for a trip I’m planning for next spring. I started on American Airlines site, then ended up on Delta, then decided to see what Star Alliance had to offer.

For our flight home, I was contemplating a Copa Airlines flight in economy using 30,000 Aeroplan miles per person. I’m sitting on a decent amount of Amex points so this seemed like a good deal.

Copa Aeroplan

Before booking, I decided to search United, which is also part of Star Alliance. I was shocked to see the same Copa flight, but for only 20,000 miles per person! Even better, business class was available for just 5,000 more miles per person than the economy seat through Aeroplan.

Copa United

Final Thoughts

While I still haven’t ironed out our flights for this trip, this was a good reminder that you need to search all possible options when making an award flight redemption. You would think that the same flight in the same airline alliance would be priced the same, but sometimes United can surprise you!


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