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I heard about credit card churning in college but was extremely skeptical. I thought, “isn’t it bad to open too many credit cards?” and “won’t it ruin my credit score?” At the time, I was happy with my 1% cash back credit card from Bank of America, and as a student, I didn’t have much time for traveling anyway.

Vieques, Puerto Rico
My first trip funded by a credit card sign-up bonus was to Vieques, Puerto Rico

Flash forward to 2015 when my boyfriend began opening new cards for the sign-up bonuses. I enjoyed reaping the benefits — free nights at the Park Hyatt Chicago? Yes, please!…Free flights with the Southwest Companion Pass, even better! Slowly, I started looking into it myself and learned some tips for opening cards while protecting my credit score. In the past year, I’ve received thousands of dollars worth of travel benefits. My trips to Puerto Rico, Rio de Janeiro, and New York City have been partially funded by these methods. With many more trips on the horizon, follow me as I hone my skills and plan vacations that are free or nearly free. Thanks for reading!