Air France 777 Business Class

I flew Air France business class last summer from Boston to Paris en route to Zagreb, Croatia. My pictures aren’t super extensive, but I want to share anyway. This was a special flight because it was my mom’s first time in business class. You can read more about how I booked this trip to Croatia here. The flight to Paris from Boston is quick, typically about 6.5 hours. This doesn’t give you much time to enjoy business class like on a longer flight but we certainly appreciated the nice wine, meal, and lie-flat seats. Here are some photos from our flight on Air France 777 business class from Boston to Paris.

Air France 777 Business Class
The seats on Air France 777 business class are reverse herringbone which provides ample space and two windows if you’re lucky!
Air France 777 Business Class
My mom and I had middle seats in the 3rd row. A pillow, blanket, and slippers were provided. There was also a hanger for your jacket.
Air France 777 Business Class In Flight Entertainment
I had champagne as my pre-flight drink while perusing the inflight entertainment options.
Air France 777 Business Class Dinner Menu
The flight was at 10:00pm which a bit late for dinner, but we opted for the full menu anyway. The flight attendant asked if I wanted to be woken up for breakfast and I said yes. Strangely, she questioned this. Because of her reaction, I decided to skip breakfast sleep longer.
Air France 777 Business Class Dinner Appetizer
The dinner tray included the starter (Maine lobster and fennel salad), cheese, bread, and dessert.
Air France 777 Business Class Dinner
Once I was done with the starter, the flight attendant swapped in my entree of braised beef. After dinner, I slept for several hours, happy with my decision to forgo breakfast.

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    1. I used Flying Blue points. It was 58,000 points plus $230. We booked this trip about two weeks before departure so points options were somewhat limited.

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