Earlier this year American Airlines announced that they would not be installing video screens on new Boeing 737 Max airplanes. Since a vast majority of people tend to travel with an iPad or laptop, the airline is focusing on upgrading to satellite-based internet and installing outlets in all seats.

While I prefer a seat-back screen (less neck craning!), I kind of get why American is doing this. However, a recent experience on a Southwest flight has left me wishing all airplanes had seat-back screens!

I brought my iPad for the sole purpose of watching TV on this flight. Like with all other Southwest flights, I used the iPad smart cover to prop my iPad up on the tray table. This usually works but after some particularly rough turbulence, my iPad went tumbling into the aisle.

My iPad was fine but my Bose headphones were not so lucky. The part of the cable that inserts into the audio jack was bent during the fall. I can still shove it into the jack, but the left earphone no longer works. All this could have been avoided if there was a screen on the seat in front of me! Think that’s a good enough reason for American Airlines to stop this change? ????

It’s actually a blessing in disguise because now I have an excuse to buy the Bose QuietComfort 35!

Bose headphones
So long, Bose headphones from high school. I’ll miss your tangle of wires and nonfunctioning left ear.

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