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I thought 30,000 miles, enough for a one-way flight to Europe, sounded like a decent deal until I realized that the sign up bonus for the American Express Delta card was previously reported to be 50,000 miles. I was planning on signing up for this card despite the dip in points since I’ll be flying Delta on an upcoming trip. My boyfriend was also looking to apply for the card and somehow received an offer for 50,000 miles—an even better offer than what was previously offered because he only had to spend $1,000 in 3 months rather than $2,000.

American Express Delta Bonus
30,000 miles is good…but 50,000 is better!

We only needed 30,000 miles a piece for this trip, but knowing the offer was out there made me set on getting a better deal. He said that after Googling the card, he started receiving ads for the American Express Delta Gold card. Clicking one of the ads led him to the 50,000 mile deal even though it originally said 30,000 when he first went to apply.

I tried this “method” (if you can call it that!) to no avail. I then decided to use his computer to access the application. Lo and behold, I received the same 50,000 mile deal!

American Express Delta Credit Card Bonus
A confirmation showing my 50,000 mile bonus

After applying, I went to the AMEX site another time and again saw the 50,000 mile bonus. The fourth time I tried accessing the application, the deal reverted to 30,000 miles.

There’s no science on how to get a better deal but if someone you know gets this offer, try applying from their computer. Has anyone else experienced this with the American Express Delta card or with any other cards?

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