After recent crackdowns from Barclays and Chase, you’d think we’ve had enough bad news. Unfortunately, Doctor of Credit has confirmed that Bank of America is the next credit card issuer to instate some new, churning unfriendly rules.

Alaska Airlines Credit Card
If I can’t get another Alaska card, I may have to transfer SPG points to complete my booking

The new 2/3/4 rule goes as follows. Bank of America will only approve you for a maximum of two cards every 2 months, three cards every 12 months, and four cards every 24 months. These time frames are rolling so the clock starts when you are approved for your first Bank of America card.

Bank of America doesn’t have the best products or sign-up bonuses but this is a real bummer if you’ve been churning Alaska Airlines credit cards. I was planning on getting one more Alaska card before booking my honeymoon this winter, but I might be out of luck since I already got four cards in the past 2 years. One of these cards was a business card so I am going to test my luck in hopes of business cards being excluded from the 2/3/4 rule.

Final Thoughts

Credit card churners don’t do banks any favors so it’s no surprise Bank of America and other credit card issuers are starting to create more rules to combat abuse of rewards programs. I don’t think this is the beginning of the end, but it is a good reminder to get what you can while you can since things change frequently in this hobby.

Has the 2/3/4 rule ruined any of your churning plans?

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