When deciding to close an Amex credit card, it’s best practice to call in for a retention offer to see if it might make sense to keep the card open. amex retention offerFor example, I decided not to close my Amex Platinum when they offered me 30,000 just to keep it open. As with many things with this hobby, calling in takes time and sometimes you just don’t feel like it.

Lately, I’ve been closing Amex cards using the Live Chat feature since it’s so fast and easy. Generally, when you close your card via Live Chat, the representative will confirm the card, send the disclaimer, and proceed with closing the account. However, if you have a retention offer, the representative may prompt you to call in instead. You may also be prompted to call in by the Live Chat Virtual Assistant before even being connected to a representative.

Of note, when I called in, the representative didn’t mention anything about the offer and I still had to ask. The retention offer for my Amex PRG was a $100 statement credit after spending $500 in three months. This offer didn’t outweigh the $195 annual fee so I decided to close the card.

Final Thoughts

It’s not possible to receive a retention offer through Amex’s Live Chat. The best case scenario is that the representative will see an offer on your account and then ask you to call in. If a retention offer might persuade you to keep the card open, I recommend skipping the Live Chat and calling in instead.

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