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Last August, Chase was so swamped with applications for the new Chase Sapphire Reserve that they ran out of metal credit cards. They also stopped sending the credit cards in the fancy box that I was so excited to receive. With a $450 annual fee, little touches like this can go a long way.

Things seemed to have slowed down since the recent decrease in sign-up bonus. While I was unlucky to have fraudulent activity on my card, I was pleasantly surprised when my replacement card arrived two days later in a package. Five months after initially applying for the Chase Sapphire Reserve, I’m finally getting to officially “unbox” the card!

The Chase Sapphire Reserve box arrived in a white package from UPS. Here’s what the box looks like.

Chase Sapphire Reserve Box

When you open the box, your Chase Sapphire Reserve card is framed in the center. Very fancy!

Chase Sapphire Reserve in Box

All the usual papers are included in the terms and conditions envelope like credit limit and account number. The included booklet gives a rundown of all the benefits complemented by full-page color photos.

Chase Sapphire Reserve Terms and Conditions

I thought this page of the booklet was particularly interesting. They break down how many points you could potentially earn in a year if you spend $20,000 on dining and travel and $40,000 on other purchases. I’ve written a similar post which can help you decide if you should keep the card.

Chase Sapphire Reserve Yearly Benefit

Lastly, I was happy to see that they included an envelope with prepaid postage so I could return my original card. When I called about the fraudulent charge, they instructed me to destroy my old card immediately. I threw the old card into a drawer and figured I’d request an envelope to return my old card at some point. It’s a nice touch that it was included with my replacement. One less thing on my to-do list!

Enveloped used to return metal credit cards to Chase

Final Thoughts

The Chase Sapphire Reserve box is a fun way to receive a new credit card. It actually made me more excited about using the card so I guess that’s some good marketing on Chase’s part. I’m not sure what I’ll do with the box now. It’s the type of thing I’ll hold onto for a little while because I think it’s cool but then I’ll go on a cleaning rampage and end up tossing it. However, I still think it’s worth it for Chase to send the Chase Sapphire Reserve in a box since it makes you feel like you’re receiving a luxury product.

Did your Chase Sapphire Reserve arrive in a box or envelope?

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