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Today I received a random free “gift” in the mail from American Express. This exclusive offer is a $150 gift card to the jewelry storeĀ APM Monaco. I say gift in quotations because it’s definitely a marketing ploy, but I can’t say no to a free $150 gift.

Amex Free Gift

The only limitations on your redemption are as follows:

  • You must use the gift card for full-priced merchandise at a physical store in New York, Las Vegas, Seattle, Boston, or Beverly Hills
  • Any balance owed on a purchase must be made on you Amex card
  • If the full $150 is not used, the balance is forfeited
  • It must be redeemed by September 15th, 2018
Final Thoughts

The only reason I’ve heard of APM is because they just opened a store in Copley Place, the mall I cut through every day to get to work. Luckily, the jewelry isn’t outrageously priced so it’s definitely possible to use most or all of the certificate without having to put any money down. I’m thinking this might be targeted at Amex Platinum cardholders who live in New York, Las Vegas, Seattle, Boston, and Beverly Hills. Comment below if you received this offer!

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