While on our honeymoon, we saved so much money on the trip itself, we used it as an opportunity to spend way more money than any reasonable person should on food. We started off with a three Michelin star meal at Hajime in Osaka and continued the food tour in Singapore. We started off by trying two Michelin star hawker stalls before an amazing dinner at Odette. At the time, Odette had two Michelin stars and was one of the World’s 50 Best Restaurants. As of 2019, Odette earned a third Michelin star. I certainly feel like it earned it! I’m no expert so this post is more to showcase the amazing meal we had at Odette rather than a critique.

The menu for the evening
Sunchoke Textures
Piedmont hazelnuts | White Alba truffle | Arabica oil
Hokkaido Uni
Spot prawn tartare | Mussel cloud | Royal Schrenckii caviar
Trondheim Bay Scallop
Horseradish and white balsamic | Pickled onion | Dill
Heirloom Beetroot Variation
Salt-baked beetroot | Stracciatella ‘Artigiana’ | Honey
Rosemary Smoked Organic Egg
Smoked potato syphon | Chorizo Iberico | Meunière
Foie Gras ‘Comme Un Pho’
Jade Tiger abalone | BBQ eel dashi | Yuzu
Wild Atlantic Turbot
Butternut squash | Yari ika | Thai velouté
Pigeon ‘Beak to Tail’
Jerusalem artichoke | Kampot pepper | Black garlic
A note from Chef Julien Royer tied to the pigeon’s foot
Yuzu Tart
Sablé Breton | Shisho | Basil
An extra honeymoon treat
Petit fours in a nested “egg”

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