I’m embarrassed by how long it’s taken me to post again after having my baby girl back in February, but I’m back at work full time and simply haven’t felt like it when I have a spare moment! I do have a few minutes to share a useful tip I discovered about adding a lap infant to an airline reservation when I booked flights for our first family trip back in August.

Booking a Trip with a Lap Infant

We flew to our destination on Delta and came home on Southwest. As with all domestic airlines, children under two can fly for free as lap infants. However, on both airlines, there was no option to add the infant at the time of booking. The suggested method was to call or do it at the airport. Calling an airline is something I always try to avoid and waiting until the airport was not an option for my Type A personality.

Don’t Call…Try Twitter

I have a Twitter account for Cardpe Diem which I honestly mostly use for customer service issues. I tried tweeting at Delta and Southwest and I got replies within minutes. Save yourself some time and try Twitter when adding a lap infant to your itinerary!

Twitter message about adding a lap infant to a Delta reservation

Final Thoughts

Using Twitter for airline-related customer services questions is super simple. It’s by far the easiest method for adding a lap infant to your ticket. As for tips on keeping said lap infant calm during the flight, can’t help you there as one of our flights was a disaster. But I guess that’s a story for another post!

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