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Earlier this year, I applied for the Marriott Business Premier and the SPG Luxury card before the sign-up bonus rules changed on August 26th. In a prior post, I explained that it took me a while to get the Marriott card approved and when I finally did, they sent me the new version of the card (Marriott Business Premier Plus, on the left) rather than the old version of the card (on the right) which I applied for.

Marriott Business Premier Plus                 

In light of the new rules, I was concerned I might not be eligible for the sign-up bonus. I messaged Chase and got written confirmation that I had met the sign-up bonus. I’m relieved to write that I did indeed get the sign-up bonus in addition to the bonus for the SPG Luxury card. So for anyone who was wondering if they just needed to apply by August 26th rather than be approved by that date, here’s a data point that you are eligible to receive the sign-up bonus.

The strange thing is, I have had two statements close and I still haven’t been charged an annual fee…

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