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Last November, we completed a free stay in Orlando through Hilton Grand Vacations. After the two-hour timeshare presentation, they refunded the money I paid for the trip and gave us a $200 Spend A Night on Us rebate. Here’s everything you need to know about redeeming the Spend A Night on Us offer.

Choosing A Hotel

One of the biggest limitations of this offer is that you have to choose which Hilton portfolio you plan to use the certificate before you leave the timeshare presentation. I believe we were offered a choice of Hilton, Doubletree by Hilton, and Hampton Inn, but the terms and conditions also note Hilton Garden Inn, Embassy Suites Hotels, and Homewood Suites. I ended up selecting Hilton.

When choosing a hotel, remember that you will only be reimbursed up to $200 for a one night stay and this does not include taxes.

HGV spend a night on us

Using the Spend A Night On Us Offer

Using the offer was easy enough. You can book the hotel online like you normally would. Keep in mind that you must complete your stay within six months of the date of issuance. I was afraid we wouldn’t get a chance to use ours, but luckily we had a wedding to attend and there was Hilton nearby. I needed to use mine by May 11th and I just fit it in by completing my stay on May 6th.

Make sure to ask for a hard copy of your folio at checkout. Mail the completed rebate form and folio to Hilton and then wait for the email confirming they received it!

Rebate Timeline

We completed our stay on May 6th, mailed the rebate on May 8th, and received the confirmation email on May 18th. I received my reimbursement on June 14th, so the entire process took about five weeks.

Hilton Grand Vacation Rebate Offer

Final Thoughts

The $200 Spend a Night on Us certificate made our timeshare presentation offer even sweeter. This rebate isn’t as good as cash since there is a chance you might not use it, but if you do have a use for it, it’s a decent deal. However, I was disappointed that the rebate was in the form of a gift card rather than a check (like it used to be). At least I earned points on my credit card when I booked the hotel!

Leave your experiences with the Spend a Night on Us rebate offer in the comments below!

28 thoughts on “Hilton Grand Vacations $200 Spend A Night On Us Rebate”

  1. I sent my rebate in at the end of june and now it is beginning of september and I never received a confirmation email. Any suggestions on what I should do?

  2. Well I called and I was only given $100 for some odd reason. They have been an absolute pain to work with. I’m going to write a letter and see if that moves the needle at all.

    1. The same thing happened to us. We were only given $ 100 rebate when our hotel room cost $ 174 (before taxes). Discussed with them before the rebate was issued and they still sent only $100. Very misleading, difficult to work with, and NOT very honest.

  3. Brett,
    I got the same thing. My room cost $129 and my rebate is only showing for $100. The number they have on the form only gets to an automated message. Were you able to contact a live person?


      1. My hotel room cost was over $200.00 per night but I received only $100.00 prepaid VISA card. I just checked and the Rewards Central website shows “fulfilled” so its apparent although I qualified for the full $200.00 they only plan to pay $100.00? I will ring the rebate department phone number at (866) 578-0107 and find out why they only sent $100.00.

  4. I spent $195 on a Hilton hotel room before taxes and only received $100 on a Visa prepaid card. I had a “Spend A Night On Us” rebate that was supposed to cover up to $200.
    I called Hilton Grand Vacations at 1 (800) 230-7068. I pressed 0 for operator and waited a few minutes for a person to answer. I said I had questions about the Rebate and she forwarded me to the Rebate department. I explained that I only received $100 of the money owed to me. After verifying my address, she apologized and said the rest of the money would be sent in 4 weeks.

    We’ll see…

    1. Thank you Matt. I contacted the number you listed above and got through to a human who is sending me a second reimbursement check for the reminder of the amount due back to me. I was sent $100 but my hotel was $219 before taxes and fees. Thankful they made it right.

      1. What phone number did you contact for the rebate? Did you receive your full two hundred dollars? Thank you, Jeannette

  5. We sent in our rebate information including the invoice for our hotel. The room was $167.58 plus tax. While the rebate cupon “spend a night on us” was for $200 the actual rebate being sent to us is $100. Furthermore, the telephone number on the certificate is an information line with no actual person to talk to. I don’t understand why we are not being reimbursed for the cost of the room!!!

    Please advise

  6. I just went to send mine in and realized that it’s not good for a laundry list of Hilton locations. I’ve booked at several Hilton Garden Inn locations, Hamptons, Doubletrees, and Embassy Suites in the last 5 1/2 months and see that I can’t submit ANY of those to get the refund. I’m fairly disappointed by this, but I suppose I got a cheap stay to go to Disney so whatever. It just seems a little misleading. Shame on me for not reading the fine print right away I guess. I just wish I would have known this when they were giving me the option of which “reward” to choose for my time.

  7. submitted my $200 dollar certificate and proof of $240 dollar stay and did not get a reply. I called and they said I submitted a photo copy and they denied my claim. I did not send a copy as I have a copy that I made. I called the number listed and was told they would look into it and to check web site in 10 days. Good luck to me! nick

  8. I sent mine in for the rebate got the 200.00 visa spent 2 hours trying to activate this card . i called in and was told to call another number 1866 686 0601 since Hilton Brags on its brand so much i would think they would have better customer service in this area. Now i have 3 hours invested in trying to make this card work.

  9. I never received my refund, I talked to someone 2 1/2 weeks ago and was told it went out on 2-8-20 but I never received it, so they said they would send another one which would be here in 7 to 10 business days. I have yet to receive anything

  10. Does anyone know if they are extending the default 6 month expiration time because of COVID 19? Our date of personal preview was Jan. 11 2020 which means the certificate will expire on July 11 but since everything has been in lockdown for over 2+ months we have been unable to travel.

  11. Good morning… we received our spend a night on us in August last year, but haven’t gotten to use it because of covid -19. Can you accommodate us?

    1. I’m wondering the same thing. I’ve not been able to get a person through a phone call and the “contact us” on line gives me a”cannot be found.”

  12. We were not able to use our “spend a night on us” within the time allotted, because of the travel restrictions of the Covid outbreak. Is there any latitude given by Hilton, or do we just lose our reward?

  13. I am SO frustrated with this offer. We went through the tour and actually purchased the timeshare for thousands and thousands of dollars. I got the certificate in October 2020 in the height of the pandemic and indicated that I didn’t think that I would be using this soon because everything was closed down. I was told by the sales people that because of limited staff that Hilton properties would be flexible with using this certificate. I decided to use it when things started to open up. I stayed at an Embassy Suite and enjoyed it and then the next day sent in my receipt and my certificate to the redemption address that is indicated on the certificate. I got a notice online that said that it was received. Yesterday I received a notice from them that they will deny the rebate (I paid $148 for the room for one night and the certificate is for “Up to $200) because it was past the time that I took the tour AND past the 6 months of taking the tour. I sent them basically the same verbiage that I just described to you and got a “So sorry, we can’t honor this” email. I also called Hilton Grand Vacations and they said that “It was a gift and we can’t really do anything about it”. WOW, you offer this, expect people to come listen to your sales pitch and then when your “Gift” doesn’t work, you say you can do nothing. I hate that HILTON is not backing up and supporting this.

  14. These offers are such a scam. They lure you in with the free night to check out their hotel. And then if you decide you don’t want to stay there additional offer rebates are made impossible to get reimbursed for. I guess this is Hilton’s revenge for not signing up for their timeshares. Because of that I will never stay in one of their hotels or ever by a timeshare from their company. Save your time and money they will just rip you off.

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