Southwest Airlines offers several credit cards through Chase that come with some pretty cool perks for frequent flyers. You can read about the specific of the Chase Southwest credit cards here. This post details how to get upgraded boarding with Southwest credit cards.

What Credit Cards Offer the Upgraded Boarding Benefit?

If you are interested in getting upgraded boarding with Southwest credit cards, you have two options to choose from: Southwest Rapid Rewards Priority and Southwest Rapid Rewards Performance Business. The Priority card has a $149 annual fee and the Performance Business card has a $199 annual fee. In exchange, each card offers four upgraded boardings per year.

How Does the Southwest Credit Card Upgraded Boarding Benefit Work?

Upgraded boarding allows you to upgrade to positions A1-A15, depending on what’s available. Upgraded boarding won’t be available for your flight if these slots are taken. You can purchase upgraded boarding at the departure gate or ticket counter the day of travel. It’s not possible to purchase upgraded boarding at the check-in kiosk. The price is based on your itinerary but usually varies between $30-$50. All you have to do is use your Southwest Priority or Southwest Performance Business card to purchase the upgraded boarding. You’ll then receive a statement credit to cover the cost of the upgraded boarding.

With the Southwest Priority and Performance Business cards, you’ll receive four upgraded boardings per anniversary year meaning that the year starts when your account is opened.

Can Multiple People Use the Upgraded Boarding Benefit?

If you are traveling with others, you can use more than one upgraded boarding at a time to upgrade multiple tickets.

Does Upgraded Boarding Also Work for Connecting Flights?

The upgraded boarding benefit is per flight segment so if you have connecting flights, you will have to upgrade each individually.

Final Thoughts

I opened the Southwest Priority and Southwest Performance Business cards to earn the Companion Pass earlier this year. While I would never pay for upgraded boarding with Southwest otherwise, it’s a nice perk to have. Getting on first guarantees overhead bin space and makes it easy to get off quickly once you land.

Have you tried the Upgraded Boarding benefit from the Southwest Rapid Rewards credit cards?

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