Booking Etihad award tickets is one of my favorite uses of American Airlines miles. However, selecting a seat online isn’t possible for flights booked with award programs other than Etihad’s. Here’s how to select seats on Etihad flights that were booked through a different airline.

Etihad Seat Selection Error
If you try booking online, you will receive this error

Select a Seat Through the Etihad App

You may have luck using Etihad’s app to book a seat. However, the app is somewhat glitchy as it would only allow me to select my seat but not my husband’s. Every time I would select a seat for him, it would change my seat to that selection. If you are traveling solo or on different itineraries, this option will still work.

Safest Method: Call Etihad to Select a Seat

Sometimes it’s better to just call in. I dialed Etihad’s US number 877-690-0767 and was able to select my husband’s seat within 5 minutes.

Why Select a Seat at All?

It’s a little annoying to have to call to book your seat, but I highly recommend doing so if you have any preferences such as window seat vs. aisle seat. If you are flying Etihad First Class Apartments and are traveling with another person, you will likely want to book your seats ahead of time to ensure that your suites are connected. While you can’t make a true double bed like with Singapore Suites, there’s a partition that can be removed so you can at least see the top half of your partner while in bed.

Etihad A380 First Class Seat Map

If you’re traveling as a couple, you will want to select either 3A and 4A or 3K and 4K. Keep in mind that the person in row 3 will be facing toward the back of the aircraft. I saved that seat for my husband!

I personally think 4A and 4K are the best options as they are the only forward-facing window seats.

Final Thoughts

Since booking seats on the app may give you trouble, I recommend calling in to select your seats on Etihad award tickets booked through other airlines. It takes about five minutes and you’ll have the assurance that the seat you want is yours.

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