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My husband and I are planning a trip to France in the fall and I have my eye on the Park Hyatt Paris for part of our stay. We both opened the Hyatt credit card in the past year, but I plan on closing mine before the annual fee is due so it made more sense for him to make the reservation so we would have Discoverist perks rather than nothing. What can I say, I need my free bottle of water! While transferring points between Hyatt accounts is a bit old school as it requires a paper form, the process is rather straightforward. Here’s how to transfer Hyatt points between accounts.

Rules of Combining Hyatt Points

Luckily, there are few restrictions on combining Hyatt points. First, you can only transfer or receive points once every 30 days. Second, the purpose of the transfer is to allow the Hyatt member receiving the points to complete a particular award redemption. While I don’t think that Hyatt can easily enforce the second point, I like to follow the rules and try to only transfer Hyatt points when necessary. There are no requirements on who you can transfer points to, all you need is the account information and signature of both parties.

How to Request a Hyatt Point Transfer

To transfer Hyatt points between accounts, you will need to complete this form. You can either scan and email it to or mail it to:

World of Hyatt Customer Service
P.O. Box 27089
Omaha, NE 68127-0089

If you email it, make sure the file format is JPG, PDF, or PNG and the file size is under 1MB. Otherwise, the customer service representative will not be able to open the attachment.

Hyatt Point Transfer Timeline

Even though the point transfer requires manual review, I heard back about my transfer the same day! I had to resend the form since the file I sent was too large, but even with this delay, the transfer was completed within two days.

Final Thoughts

While the process of transferring Hyatt points is slightly cumbersome, it’s nice to have this option with relatively little restriction. By combining points, two people can earn points at the same time with a particular redemption in mind. Combining Hyatt points between accounts is also useful if you have enough points for a redemption but would prefer to book the reservation under the account of your travel companion who has World of Hyatt status but not enough points.

Has combining Hyatt points allowed you to make an award redemption that you otherwise wouldn’t have been able to?

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