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The Southwest Companion Pass is by far one of my favorite parts of credit card churning. Not only is it easy to earn, but you can use it for up to two full years! Since earning the Companion Pass requires that you accrue 110,000 points, you’ll have a ton of points to save you even more money. I wanted to write a quick post about just how valuable the Companion Pass is to us.

So far in 2018, we’ve booked the following flights with the Companion Pass:

Southwest Companion Pass

  1. Boston to Cancun: These flights were expensive since they were the week of spring break. We booked one flight at a decent Wanna Get Away price earlier this year. Once we earned the Companion Pass at the end of January, we added the second ticket for only $33.50 despite the ticket costing $353.80.
  2. Boston to Chicago to Boston: We have to fly to Chicago for a few family events this summer. For the first trip, we booked 2 round trip tickets from Boston to Chicago for 13,889 points. We paid $22.40 out of pocket for a value worth $471.92.
  3. Boston to Chicago: We also booked 2 one way tickets from Boston to Chicago for 8,150 points paying $11.20 out of pocket for tickets worth $272.00.
  4. Boston to Milwaukee to Boston: Lots of midwest travel this year! We booked 2 round trip tickets from Boston to Milwaukee for 19,382 points paying $22.40 out of pocket for a value of $635.92.

The destinations may not be the most glamorous, but so far in 2018, we’ve paid $89.50 for 11 one way flight segments worth $1,733.64.¬†

Final Thoughts

While flying Southwest might not be as luxurious as other points redemptions, the Companion Pass offers unbeatable value for domestic flights. Since we travel to the midwest a lot, the Companion Pass makes it so we don’t have to miss out on important family events due to the cost of travel. We have even more flights to book in 2018 so our $1,644.14 in savings¬†is sure to increase. I can’t wait to see how much we’ll save in 2019!

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