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It’s standard practice with credit card churning to close the card when the annual fee is due. Some card issuers like American Express are notorious for extending retention offers as a means of incentivizing you to keep your card open. I’ve never had success getting a retention offer from Bank of America so I was surprised by the outcome of my call last week.

I opened the Alaska Airlines Business Card in January to get the sign-up bonus. Even though it’s been less than a year, I decided to close out the card so that I can open it again in the near future. I only spent the $1,000 required for the sign-up bonus so I cited not using the card as my reason for closure.

I was pleasantly surprised when the customer service representative offered me 5,000 Alaska Airlines miles just to keep the card open…no additional spending required. I happily said yes but still plan close before the annual fee posts again.

Has anyone else received a retention offer from Bank of America?

One thought on “My Alaska Airlines Business Credit Card Retention Offer”

  1. They offered me a 5000 mile retention offer also. It’s standard practice.. I laughed and told them 5000 miles is NOTHING. Told them I would keep the card if they offered me 50,000 miles. They then closed my account.

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