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Chase and Amex implemented a new set of rules for the Marriott and SPG credit cards on August 26th. Prior to this rule going into effect, I decided to apply for both the Amex SPG Luxury card and Chase Marriott Business Premier on August 23rd when I was still eligible for both. I was automatically approved for the SPG Luxury card, but my experience with the Marriott card was a different story.

Marriott Business Rules

I was unsure if I needed to apply by August 26th or get approved by August 26th in order to receive the bonus. In the three days leading up to the 26th, I called the reconsideration line several times and finally was told that I needed to provide address verification. Easy enough! I faxed in a copy of my lease and decided to call back on Monday.

Apparently faxes take a minimum of 3-5 business days to process so the representative was unable to verify my address at that time. However, he was able to provide me with a little more information on my application. I applied as a sole proprietor so my personal and business address is the same. He said that I had entered both addresses without an apartment number, but my existing Chase accounts and public records indicated that my address has an apartment number. He could change my personal address to add the apartment number, but then it wouldn’t match the business address (which he could not edit) and then the application would be denied. Basically I needed to send in proof of address without the apartment number, or I wouldn’t be approved.

I was surprised to hear this because I’m very careful to always include my apartment number. I think this may have been an issue with my browser auto-filling my information. The rep suggested I reapply and fill in the information correctly, but this wasn’t an option since it was past August 26th and I was no longer eligible for the card under the new rules!

Thankfully, I was able to dig up a water bill that didn’t have my apartment number. I faxed this in and waited until the end of the week to call back. I am still not sure if they had my new documents in hand or if they were referring to the ones I faxed in originally (which included the apartment number), but after about 30 minutes of waiting on hold, the representative approved my application. Not really sure what went on behind the scenes, but at least I was approved!

My card arrived about two weeks later and I was surprised to see the recently released Marriott Business Premier Plus (on the left), rather than the old version of the card (on the right) which I applied for.

Marriott Business Premier Plus                 

Of course, now I’m even more concerned I won’t get the sign-up bonus! I sent a secure message to Chase asking about the bonus. They confirmed that I would receive 75,000 points after spending $3,000 in the first 3 months. Let’s hope everything works out once I meet the spending requirement!

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