Since I started this blog, I’ve been approved for 6 American Express credit and charge cards. Of these 6 approvals, I’ve only had my credit report from Experian pulled twice and this was for the first two cards I applied for. Since November, I’ve opened 4 American Express cards with no hard inquiries added to my report.

Amex hard pull Experian report

Why is this exciting?

Some credit card companies like Citi heavily weigh the number of hard inquiries when deciding if they should approve you. In fact, Citi has an unofficial rule that you may not be approved for a card if you have 6 inquiries in the past 6 months. I have yet to successfully open a card from Citi so opening Amex cards without a hard pull has allowed me to keep earning points and miles while resetting my number of recent hard inquiries.

Of course, having a lot of new accounts won’t help me when it comes to other banks like Chase, but I’m not planning on resetting my 5/24 status anytime soon. I’ll save that for when I’m ready to buy a house!

Has Amex pulled your credit report for any recent approvals?

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