Alaska Airlines Lounge

On my way back from Alaska after an amazing cruise of the Inside Passage, my dad, sister, and I had some time to kill before our early morning flight to Seattle. Lucky for us, the Alaska Airlines Lounge at Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport is part of the Priority Pass lounge network. With the Chase Sapphire Reserve, there are no restrictions on the member of guests you can bring into the lounge. We headed to Terminal C and settled in for a pre-flight breakfast. Here’s my review of the Alaska Airlines Lounge in Anchorage, Alaska. Apologies for the poor quality photos. My blog is a secret from my family so I was snapping pics as discretely as possible.

The lounge was definitely not the nicest, but the staff was so friendly. We entered the lounge when a man was trying to gain access with his American Airline credit card. Not how that works, dude. The staff was very polite and was finally able to make him understand that elite status with American does not equal lounge access with Alaska….SMH.

Alaska Airlines Lounge

Anyway, the lounge was a decent size and wasn’t crowded. We had our pick of seats and decided to sit by the window to look out at the planes.   Alaska Airlines Lounge

I actually really liked the setup of the business center. The dividers on the desks are a nice touch. This is a setting where I feel like I could actually get work done.Alaska Airlines Lounge

The kitchen area was small and didn’t have too many options. You can see the bar area to the right. I wish we were there in the evening so I could have tried an Alaskan Brewing Co. beer!Alaska Airlines Lounge

The pancake machine was the highlight of the kitchen. My dad didn’t realize you get two pancakes each time you hit the button so he ended up with a plate stacked high with eight pancakes! And this was after a week of all-you-can-eat cruise food…Alaska Airlines Lounge

The other breakfast options were very meh. More carbs…bagels, English muffins, oatmeal.Alaska Airlines Lounge

The espresso machine was very nice. They also had three Starbucks options for drip coffee.Alaska Airlines Lounge

Last but not least, the bathroom. It was nothing special, but at least it was clean.

Alaska Airlines Lounge

Final Thoughts

This review was somewhat short, but that’s pretty much all there is to the Alaska Airlines lounge at Ted Stevens Airport. The lounge was on par with other U.S. lounges in terms of the space itself, but the food offerings were definitely worse. If you have Priority Pass, it’s worth hitting up this lounge, but I don’t think I would pay for entry.

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