I’m very loyal to the Chase Sapphire Reserve, but I’ve got to hand it to Amex Platinum when it comes to airport lounge access. Earlier this month I was flying to Atlanta for a wedding and had the chance to check out the Delta Sky Club at Logan Airport in Boston. Unfortunately for my boyfriend, the Amex Platinum only gives Sky Club access to the card holder (sorry, John!). While I felt bad for temporarily ditching him, I made sure to bring him a bagel. That makes up for it, right?

There are two Delta Sky Clubs at Logan Airport. Both are in Terminal A. I visited the Sky Club near A7 in the main Delta terminal. You can also visit the A18 location in the satellite terminal (where Southwest flies out of). The main location is open from 4:30am to 9:00pm Sunday through Friday and 4:30am to 7:30pm on Saturdays.

The Boston Delta Sky Club is located immediately after security on the left. The club is at the top of a staircase and overlooks the main terminal on one side and the security line on the other.

The check-in process went smoothly. I handed over my Amex Platinum card, said “see ya later” to my boyfriend, and headed in. My first impressions were how sleek the space looked. Everything felt very open and new.

When facing into the lounge from the check-in desk, the entire left side overlooks security. This area had a lot of seating which would be good for getting work done.

Since I was there at 6:30am, there was nobody on this side of the lounge. There was plenty of seating and chairs with chargers available.

The right side of the lounge, which overlooks the terminal, was more popular since it houses the food! There was only a handful of people in the lounge so I had my pick of tables.

I was lucky to experience this lounge with so few people so I can’t really speak to how crowded it can get. The early bird catches the worm!

The breakfast spread was decent. There were several choices of bagels and cream cheeses, fresh fruit, oatmeal, hard boiled eggs, yogurt, cereal, cereal bars, and juice. I had already eaten so I grabbed a cereal bar for later and a bagel for John on my way out.

Given that it was 6:30am, I didn’t get to try out the bar. It looked like it had a nice ambiance and would make you forget you were in an airport. There was fresh fruit, canned drinks, and water available on the bar.

Over at the coffee station, all coffee options were Starbucks.

I opted to try out the espresso machine. It was a tad confusing and I used a large cup by accident. I added regular coffee to make it a red eye. Also, shoutout to the man who’s reflection I captured in this pic. You have this photo to remember that wonderful morning you spent in the Delta Sky Club.

The bathrooms were nothing special though they were a much cleaner alternative to the public restrooms in the main terminal. I wish they had individual bathrooms though.

Final Thoughts

I had a great first experience at the Delta Sky Club at Boston’s Logan International Airport. The lounge was practically empty given the time of day so I was able to sit where I wanted and access the food and beverages easily. While it’s nice to go to Sky Clubs for free with my Amex Platinum, it would be nice to be able to bring a guest!

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