Selling tickets on StubHub is one of my favorite ways of meeting a spending requirement on a credit card. But what happens if you already sold your tickets and the event is canceled? This has happened to me a few times so far. Sometimes it’s a good thing because I bought a pair of seats that weren’t really selling or sold for a loss. Other times, it caused me to lose out on a few hundred dollars of profit. Here’s what happens when you sell tickets on StubHub and the event is canceled.

Getting Your Money Back

When an event is canceled, you will first receive an email from the place where you bought your tickets (e.g. Ticketmaster). Ticketmaster will refund the price you paid for the tickets automatically. I’ve bought tickets from other places like Foxwoods Casino where the IT systems are not quite as up-to-date. When the event was canceled, it took several phone calls to get my refund, so make sure to stay on top of it!

How StubHub Gets Their Money Back

In terms of dealing with StubHub, no action is required from you. If you already made a sale for a canceled event, StubHub will charge your credit card the amount they paid you when you sold the tickets. You’ll receive an email from StubHub about this “payment reversal”.

StubHub Payment Reversal

Final Thoughts

When reselling concert tickets, an event cancellation can be a blessing or a curse depending on how much money you lost or made on the tickets. On the bright side, since StubHub charges your credit card to reverse their payment to you, at least you’ll pick up some extra points or miles! Just make sure to keep a good card on file like Chase Freedom Unlimited (1.5x points) or Amex Blue Business Plus (2x points).

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