Selling tickets on StubHub is a great way to make a small profit or meet a spending requirement on a credit card. Buying PDF tickets is preferable since you can easily upload them and get paid quickly. However, certain seats at some venues are only issued as hard stock tickets. This requires shipping the tickets to the buyer via UPS. StubHub makes the process simple (and free!), but we all know that UPS isn’t perfect and sometimes packages get lost. Here’s what happens when StubHub tickets get lost in the mail.

I recently sold a pair of Lady Gaga tickets. The event isn’t until September, but I shipped the tickets immediately after receiving them so I could get paid faster. I’ve shipped tickets at UPS a dozen times and never had a problem. I always stalk the tracking information to make sure the tickets are in transit and received by the buyer. Since StubHub pays for UPS Next Day Air, this usually takes two days max.

UPS Tracking Information
When you see this on your tracking information, you know something went wrong…

With these tickets, the expected delivery date kept getting pushed back. After four days, the tracking information stopped and no expected delivery date was provided. I called UPS and explained the situation. I also contacted StubHub via chat to let them know what happened.

Since StubHub has excellent buyer and seller protection, they still paid me what I was owed for the tickets. The seller protection kicks in once you ship the tickets on or before the date you agreed to. StubHub has a team dedicated to lost tickets so my advice is to let them deal with UPS.

The item was lost by UPS so they are responsible for the reimbursement. When you mail tickets with a UPS label from StubHub, you’ll notice that the return address is to StubHub, not you. Once you ship the tickets with this label, the reimbursement is owed to StubHub. Getting involved with UPS just resulted in more confusion and a weird UPS email that I for sure thought was some sort of phishing.

Weird UPS email
This email is suspicious, right??

Final Thoughts

Since I sent my tickets so early, StubHub as able to rectify the situation for both me and the buyer before the event actually happened. It’s important to always get a receipt from UPS as proof that you indeed shipped the tickets on time. If you notice your tracking information stops, contact StubHub rather than UPS since they’ll be able to handle it better on their end. While I hope this doesn’t happen again, I was very impressed with StubHub’s handling of the situation. It definitely puts me at ease for listing tickets on StubHub in the future.

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