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Chase has been a bit rule heavy over the past year. We all know about the 5/24 rule, but now you can only get either Chase Sapphire Preferred or Reserve once every 48 months! Similarly, you can only get one Southwest personal card every 24 months, which makes it more difficult to get the Southwest Companion Pass.

In the past, you could “double dip” to avoid some of these rules. For example, you could apply for both Chase Sapphire Preferred and Reserve on the same day and successfully open both accounts. Another popular double dip was applying for two cards while you were at 4/24 which allowed you to get an extra Chase card before no longer being under 5/24. Unfortunately, the so-called double dip is no longer working which means there is now no means of circumventing these rules.

Final Thoughts

This isn’t terrible news for most churners who are well past 5/24 status, but double dipping the Chase Sapphire cards was still a good opportunity for people who are new to the game. My fiancé is currently under 5/24 so he will get one less Chase card as a result of this change. These changes don’t come as a surprise and I suspect more rules will be rolled out in the future.

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