I wanted to post a quick update in light of everything going on with COVID 19. This blog has been a hobby of mine for the past three and a half years. While I don’t get many hits, I keep writing since I enjoy it and the blog serves as a travel diary of sorts. However, it feels weird shelling out travel content when the whole world is at a standstill. Since I don’t need to write on the blog as a source of income, I’ve taken the past few weeks off. I feel lucky to be in a position where I can continue my job from home. While my husband’s practice has noticed a huge drop in work, we are lucky to not be impacted by job loss or pay cuts for the time being.

Now that we’re settling into our new normal, I’m feeling a little more “inspired” to post again. I made an effort to post more travel content this year, but that doesn’t seem particularly useful at the moment. However, I still have a ton of stuff to post from Croatia, France, UAE, and Egypt. In the interest of keeping up with it, I will continue to work through this content so it will be ready for when we can travel again. I’ll also try to shift the focus back to credit cards since earning points and miles is something we can do from the comfort of our homes.

To anyone who does read this blog regularly, thank you! I truly appreciate anyone who takes the time to stop by the site. I’m not one to preach inspirational content, but at the risk of sounding like a Pinterest Board, here’s a quote I saw the other day: “we cannot direct the wind, but we can adjust our sails.” Stay safe and healthy, everyone.

4 thoughts on “The Current Situation”

  1. Hi Cristi,
    We’re planning a trip to Croatia/Slovenia in October (cross your fingers) and really appreciate your posts on this area.
    Keep posting!

  2. I ma stuck with first class tickets on British Airways MOW-BOS for June which BA won’t refund! Ugh!!

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