Earlier this month, I applied for the Chase Ink Cash business card. While the result wasn’t what I hoped, there was another issue. I got two alerts from Experian stating that my credit was pulled. Unfortunately, this has happened to others as well as reported by Doctor of Credit. If this happened to you, here’s how to get Chase to remove the duplicate hard inquiry.

Check for Duplicate Hard Inquiries

First, you’ll want to log into your Experian account to see if Chase pulled your report twice on the same day. That will look something like this:

Hard Inquiries on Experian Report

This is only an error on Chase’s part if they pull your report from the same bureau twice. If you have a pull from Experian and TransUnion, for example, this was likely not in error.

Removing a Hard Inquiry from Your Credit Report

You have two options to get Chase to remove the duplicate hard inquiry. You can either call or send a secure message. I hate talking on the phone so I decided to send a message.

About five days later, I received this response:

Chase Hard Inquiry Secure Message

They also sent a duplicate letter in the mail. The hard inquiry is still on my Experian report at this time, but I’ll keep checking to make sure it’s removed.

Final Thoughts

If you recently applied for a Chase credit card, check your credit report to make sure they did not pull your credit twice. Each hard pull can ding your credit score by 5-10 points so duplicate hard inquiries have double the impact. While this impact is only temporary, it’s still preferable to remove any inquiries that are not necessary. A higher credit score = better chance of approval for future credit cards, right?

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