Airplane in Sky

A few weeks ago I was so excited to use the United Excursionist Perk for the first time. I was breezing through the checkout process and even scoffed when I saw the option to buy travel insurance. You wouldn’t believe my reaction when I saw this in my confirmation email a few minutes later:

United Travel Insurance

One minute I was laughing at travel insurance and the next, I somehow purchased it? While it was only $40, I was determined to get a refund. I went through the process of calling United who then directed me to call AIG Travel instead.

It turns out it’s actually really simple to cancel the policy. All you have to do is send your policy number to and ask for a premium refund. I received a response within 2 days and a refund within 4. I guess all insurance companies aren’t so bad!

Have you ever bought travel insurance by accident?

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