Applying for a credit card on Chase’s website is usually pretty easy. If all goes well, you enter your information and receive an automatic approval. Recently, I applied for the IHG Premier Credit Card from Chase and my application kept getting stuck on a screen that said “Verifying your information…”. Here’s what I did to fix it.

Did the Chase Application Go Through?

After waiting for about 10 minutes with no progress, I wasn’t sure if my Chase application even went through. Chase normally pulls your credit report immediately upon applying for a card. Since I did not receive a notification from Experian about a new hard inquiry, I came to the conclusion this was a technical error.

Chase "verifying your information" screen

Re-Submitting the Application

I quit out of my browser and submitted my application again. I used Incognito mode on Chrome to be safe. Luckily, it worked! While I wasn’t approved instantly, I was able to get approved for the card later that week. If you want to be absolutely certain, give Chase a call before reapplying.

Final Thoughts

If you try signing up for a Chase credit card and get stuck on the “verifying your information” screen, you can likely assume that the application did not go through. Check to see if you have a hard inquiry on your Experian report before applying again. While I don’t think it’s necessary, you can always give Chase a call to see if they received the application.

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